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  • STELLA Launch – Anthony Green Antiques 20th May 2015

  • May 20, 2015

  • Nestled in the back corridor of subterranean London Silver Vaults, occupying vault 54, you’ll find one of the most interesting and highly regarded antiquarian horologist specialists in the United Kingdom, Anthony Green Antiques.

    Anthony Green  Vault 54

    Anthony Green
    Vault 54

    Anthony is an expert in his field, recently made Freeman of the City of London and member of the Watchmakers Guild. Indeed, Anthony’s superior knowledge is both infectious and spellbinding. Watching and listening to him as he guides you through the mechanics, design and history of one of his treasured timepieces, one is left astounded by his knowledge and amazed at the skill and craftsmanship involved in the production process of the beautifully crafted items in his collection.

    It is no wonder then, that when Anthony was approached by his friends and fellow watch aficionados, Craig and Rebecca Struthers, the husband and wife team behind Sruthers-London, to exhibit their most recent design STELLA, he literally jumped at the chance.

    STELLA has been designed to push the boundaries of self-winding watch design.  The pioneering pendant watch is powered by the movement of the case rather than the wrist.  The design features a solitary hour hand meaning the watch can be read accurately to within five minutes.

    “This is fantastic” said Anthony “ I’m very excited to be launching STELLA at the Silver Vaults, during our VIP evening on 20th May, it’s the perfect place to the launch the watch and something our discerning audience will really appreciate.”


    STELLA Struthers, London 2015

    Struthers, London 2015

    Craig & Rebecca wanted to re-define the traditional use of an automatic watch movement.   Stella demonstrates that you don’t need to use wrist action –“the movement is mounted into a spinning ball which rotates on a platinum axis within a frame inspired by the ‘gimble’ used in early ship chronometers”.  Stella is worn as a pendant but benefits from the similar wrist movement for a self-winding watch. STELLA is the first ever watch to win the prestigious Design Innovation Award for outstanding innovation in platinum.

    “Whilst rare and luxurious, platinum is a difficult metal to work, especially when using the extra-hard platinum ruthenium alloy required by watchmakers for its anti-magnetic properties. A great deal of the fitting and finishing has been completed by us in house. Whilst challenging, this has been an incredible experience and the prestige of winning has armed us with the knowledge and contacts to make many more watches in the future and see how far we can push the boundaries of British watch making.”

    For more information about the watch, please contact Anthony Green on +44 (0)207   430 0038 or email vintagewatches@hotmail.com









































  • Toasting the Delight of the Master Craftsmen’s Cup

  • May 18, 2015

  • Antique Silver Goblets

    It is easy to see why antique silver goblets are one of the most widely collected items from The London Silver Vaults. Firstly, they make a wonderful addition to extravagant dinner parties. Guests receive their own individual drinking vessels, each gorgeously chased and engraved, hammered with its own unique history, and all delightful to look at.

    Secondly, antique silver goblets are expertly crafted items that hark back to an era of exemplary British craftsmanship.  These gems of the silversmith’s art intoxicate collectors. Goblets were often crafted by the most celebrated metalworkers of their generation. In fact, amassing a collection of six or eight gives the owner the opportunity of displaying a silversmith’s hall of fame on his dinner table: a Hester Bateman (1809-1794) can rub shoulders with a Paul Storr (1771-1844); an Omar Ramsden (1873-1939) can sit alongside a Robert Welch (1929-2000)

    Stuart Devlin Goblet London, 1983 £645.00

    Stuart Devlin Goblet
    London, 1983

    Another irresistible attraction, of course, is the childlike glee that attends drinking from vessels that resemble the contents of Captain Jack Sparrow’s treasure chest.

    Further to satisfying one’s own palette with a suitable array of antique silver goblets, these elegant, functional and beautiful items make superb birthday gifts and Christmas presents.  Matching a hallmark to a birthday or special occasion gives the new owner of the silver an immediate sense of ownership and affection.

    Most of the antique goblets that change hands in The London Silver Vaults are 18th and 19th century pieces, bought for use. Earlier examples are significantly scarcer, can be up to 10 times more expensive, and tend to be snapped up by various collectors and museums. Goblets from 18th century onwards are relatively plentiful, a pair of plain silver goblets, hallmarked London 1772, by the renowned lady silversmith Hester Bateman, will set you back £3,875. While a Paul Storr goblet, marked London 1817 could start from around £2000. Of course, you pay more for those famous makers’ marks, a typical 1796 goblet by a more obscure maker can be bought for less than £1000.

    So what does the future hold for today’s goblet hunter? Many feel that postwar silver is the exciting emerging market. People are going for goblets made by prolific makers such as Stuart Devlin and Gerald Benney, and the lesser-known names are also proving very popular, because they are by great craftsmen but not as expensive – yet!

    However, it is not purely about investment, many collectors of silver goblets enjoy them as small works of art and to quote one recent admirer, “They hold an amazing amount of wine. When we got our first few, we had friends round to test drive them, and the capacity is just astonishing. They must hold a quarter of a bottle each. Everyone who drinks from them is happy.”

  • Silver Wine Accessories, Past to Present: A Buyer’s Guide

  • April 28, 2015

  • The Current exhibition at The London Silver Vaults is a celebration of silver and wine that encompasses a broad range of periods, styles and famous silversmiths. The expertise of our shop owners, many of whom are fourth generation family businesses, gives you the opportunity to acquire a piece of silver that can serve as both an investment and a enjoyable talking point. We list just a few of the fascinating wine and drink related silver items that can be found (or made to your own bespoke request) in The London Silver Vaults.





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