Lord Mayor Visits Vaults

September 11, 2013 was a rather special day. The Lord Mayor of the City of London and the Lady Mayoress came to the London Silver Vaults to congratulate us on achieving our sixtieth anniversary, here in London’s Chancery Lane. They were shown round by Steven Linden who chairs the Dealers Association and given a brief history of the Vaults.

Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of London image

Ray Feldman who now runs his own shop was able to give a first hand account of the history because he has worked here for as long as the Silver Vaults as shops have existed. In 1953 there were just 13 dealers, now there are 25.

Then the silver wares were piled on trestle tables down the main ‘street’ in front of what were real Vaults.  This image was captured by a Ronald Searle drawing in the new picture display of special moments from the past. (Like Liberace buying his candelabra from the then Mrs Langford, grandmother of the two Langfords who now run the shop)

The mayoral party were amused to see tiny silver figures of the different people who made up the ‘cries of London’ such as the town crier, fishmongers, flower sellers.  These were in Tara Belmont’s shop amongst her lovely modern and vintage jewellery.

A visit to Vivienne in Bryan Douglas gave an opportunity to talk about the families involved in the Vaults and how businesses have continued for generations.

In David Shure they saw a humongous silver wine ‘cistern’.  Big enough to have a bath in.

Although brief, the visit was much enjoyed by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, as an opportunity to learn more about a topic of interest to them both.  It made a relaxing change in their hectic schedule of official speeches and business meetings – up to five events a day!