STELLA Launch – Anthony Green Antiques 20th May 2015

Nestled in the back corridor of subterranean London Silver Vaults, occupying vault 54, you’ll find one of the most interesting and highly regarded antiquarian horologist specialists in the United Kingdom, Anthony Green Antiques.

Anthony Green  Vault 54

Anthony Green
Vault 54

Anthony is an expert in his field, recently made Freeman of the City of London and member of the Watchmakers Guild. Indeed, Anthony’s superior knowledge is both infectious and spellbinding. Watching and listening to him as he guides you through the mechanics, design and history of one of his treasured timepieces, one is left astounded by his knowledge and amazed at the skill and craftsmanship involved in the production process of the beautifully crafted items in his collection.

It is no wonder then, that when Anthony was approached by his friends and fellow watch aficionados, Craig and Rebecca Struthers, the husband and wife team behind Sruthers-London, to exhibit their most recent design STELLA, he literally jumped at the chance.

STELLA has been designed to push the boundaries of self-winding watch design.  The pioneering pendant watch is powered by the movement of the case rather than the wrist.  The design features a solitary hour hand meaning the watch can be read accurately to within five minutes.

“This is fantastic” said Anthony “ I’m very excited to be launching STELLA at the Silver Vaults, during our VIP evening on 20th May, it’s the perfect place to the launch the watch and something our discerning audience will really appreciate.”


STELLA Struthers, London 2015

Struthers, London 2015

Craig & Rebecca wanted to re-define the traditional use of an automatic watch movement.   Stella demonstrates that you don’t need to use wrist action –“the movement is mounted into a spinning ball which rotates on a platinum axis within a frame inspired by the ‘gimble’ used in early ship chronometers”.  Stella is worn as a pendant but benefits from the similar wrist movement for a self-winding watch. STELLA is the first ever watch to win the prestigious Design Innovation Award for outstanding innovation in platinum.

“Whilst rare and luxurious, platinum is a difficult metal to work, especially when using the extra-hard platinum ruthenium alloy required by watchmakers for its anti-magnetic properties. A great deal of the fitting and finishing has been completed by us in house. Whilst challenging, this has been an incredible experience and the prestige of winning has armed us with the knowledge and contacts to make many more watches in the future and see how far we can push the boundaries of British watch making.”

For more information about the watch, please contact Anthony Green on +44 (0)207   430 0038 or email